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NoDa Company Store

The NoDa Company Store is situated at 3221 Yadkin Avenue in Charlotte, North Carolina. The building itself dates back to around 1905, as per tax records. It was originally a duplex home.

Where does "Company Store" come from?

In the past, company stores were mercantile and general stores located near mills or mines in industrial towns. These stores catered to workers and their families, often owned or run by the mill or mine company. Workers could make purchases on credit through vouchers or other forms of payment, which would then be deducted from their upcoming paychecks. The name “Company Store” harks back to a historical concept.

The NoDa Company Store aims to preserve the building’s character and history.

  • During restoration:

    • The duplex was already opened into one unit.

    • The bathroom was updated with period tile and fixtures.

    • The floors were refinished, retaining layers of paint and stains from over the years.

    • Reclaimed wood and fixtures were used.

    • Notably, the large heart pine beams used in the front porch railing, side bar, and family table came from the new NoDa Brewing building on North Tryon Street.

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