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We are pARTNERING WITH the Villa Heights Elementary PTA to utilize their outdoor spaces for additional "classroom" space, gardens and learning areas.


As a result of Covid-19 students and teachers are using outdoor spaces for social distancing and safe practice learning, as well as for common spaces to enjoy the fresh air! We have a series of projects in planning including raised bed gardens, a walking trail "orchard", murals and a large picnic table area. we will be working in 4 different phases for this project,

Phase 1: (Picnic table area)

We will place 12 picnic tables, safely spaced, on the open lawn between the athletic field and the orchard. each table will be painted by students, teachers, parents and volunteers. 

Projected cost: $2,600


we will be building raised bed gardens directly outside of the cafeteria for the students and teachers to grow vegetables and herbs throughout the year, 

projected cost: $2,000

phase 3: (fruit orchard)

We will be planting a variety of local fruit trees as well as create a path throughout it that connects the picnic table area with the raised bed garden area, 

projected cost: $400

phase 4: (murals)

We will have a local artist come in to design 2 murals, one for the ramp in the parking lot of the school to show school spirit and the other by the garden area to highlight the different edibles growing in the garden. 

projected cost: $4,000

If you are interested in volunteering for this project please email project manager Joey Hewell at

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

Villa heights elementary outdoor remodel