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Sometimes I don't feel like cooking so...

When only a frozen pre-made dinner will work, veggie lasagna.

If you follow us on social media at all you know we LOVE to cook and we also love to help others find their way around the kitchen but we're a few weeks into this quarantine and I feel like we've spent our wheels coming up with dishes using the ingredients we have at home or the produce that's a day or two past "fresh" from +GROCERY. Not only have we created some interested dishes using the random ingredients we've had but we've also worked in the yard every day that it hasn't rained. I'm either inhaling smoke from the grill or saw dust from building something for the yard.

Last night we were exhausted. We'd worked on finishing a little arched bridge we're putting across the stream we built. We also worked on finding the leak in the stream we built which, if you've ever built a stream or koi pond before you know, can be a task in itself. So we didn't want to cook, we didn't want to clean up after cooking, we just wanted to sit on our asses and watch something dumb on TV so we opted for a new product at +GROCERY, frozen lasagna! We try to keep lots of vegetarian options for our customers and ourselves so we have a frozen meat lasagna and a frozen veggie lasagna. Scott threw the veggie lasagna in the oven, poured us glasses of wine and came back outside to help me finish up some yard work. Two hours later we were showered, dressed and ready for lasagna. WOW. We eat a lot of vegetarian meals and so we were pleasantly surprised at how delicious this frozen lasagna was. Flavorful and not at all watery, chunks of carrots and herbs throughout. The noodles were a bit soft but the filling made up for it. The lasagna itself is huge, like enough for 8 people or enough for 4 very hungry people. Scott and I stuffed ourselves with two pieces each. We loved it so much we were going to have a third piece but luckily thought better of it. I suppose we'll probably have a piece for lunch today and maybe even again for dinner.

After a few weeks of quarantine we're starting to feel the affects of having to stay indoors and limit out shopping habits so it's always a treat to find something easy to make and delicious to eat. Stay safe everyone and we will hopefully see you sooner than later!

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